Other Vinyl Applications
Custom Skateboards

Custom designs can be cut to your particular needs.

Custom Chrome         License Plate Frame

Example of brushed aluminum decal on a chrome frame

#2 Custom Chrome License Plate Frame  
Example of a black and pink decal on a chrome frame

Car Wheel Stripes

Wheel stripes come in many colors to fit most car wheels.

Above are examples of Vinyl Banners.  Banner colors include white, black, blue, yellow, orange and red.  Sizes are up to the customer.  All banners feature sewn edges and have grommets approximately every 3 feet top and bottom. 

Prices Start at $2 per sq. ft. 
Wheel Stripe Prices:
Stickers only: $15 regular colors.  Special colors are extra.
Stickers + Installation: Start at $40 for all four. 

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